Mila Naomi

February 2019

It was Tuesday, February 5th, and I was really hoping to have you. It was nearing Ella's birthday, and your daddy and I really wanted you girls to be able to celebrate your own special days.

The day was going quickly, with no real signs of labor, and I was getting nervous. I was feeling great, and I was expecting for sure that I would probably go into labor on the 7th (Ella's birthday). I had a dr appt scheduled for that day, if I hadn't had you yet, and I was thinking that with my luck, that would stir something up, and cause you to be born that evening.

Either way, we couldn't wait to meet you, but it was important to us that you girls had your own day all about you.

Your daddy and I watched some tv, and around 11:30 or midnight, I said we should go up to bed in case you made your appearance soon and we could try to get some rest. Even without your arrival, your daddy had a lot of meetings early in the morning of the 6th, and I wanted him to get some rest for those.

We went upstairs, and I (like usual while being pregnant with you) I had trouble falling asleep. I developed basically pregnancy induced insomnia, and it was extremely difficult for me to fall asleep. Some nights I would take a sleep aid to try to help me fall asleep easier.

It was around 1:00 or so, that I still was awake and started voting in a contest called Shoot & Share. It is a photography contest, and I figured I could vote to pass some time, and hopefully make myself tired. I was also secretly hoping I would go into labor, but that wasn't seeming to happen.

I went to lay down, figuring if I didn't end up going into labor, I would be extremely tired all day the next day, and it would be exhausting, so I went up to try to get some rest.

Not long after I went upstairs, I was noticing some contractions. Nothing painful per se, but noticeable for sure. Since I was induced with both of your sisters, I have never gone into labor on my own and didn't know what to expect. Would I know when it was time? Would I know when a contraction was truly starting and stopping?

I started to try to time them, and the first one I tracked was around 2:26 am.

I THOUGHT to myself, they seemed to be coming kind of regularly, so I tried my best to keep track, in case I had to call Dr. Lacher to get his opinion on if I was truly in labor or not.

Sure enough, they seemed to be coming about 3-5 minutes apart, and lasting for anywhere between 1-3 minutes. The length of them was where I seemed to struggle to figure out when they were stopping because my stomach always felt kind of tight with you, so it made it a little difficult.

They were regular for roughly 45 minutes, and I thought, you know, this could be it! I called Dr. Lacher about an hour into them, and I was partly expecting him to say it wasn't time yet. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I was afraid he wouldn't be able to hear the discomfort in my voice.

He said it sounded like I was in labor, and asked how long it would take me to get to the hospital. I said that I had to call someone to come watch the girls, then I could probably be there about 15-20 minutes after that, so about 40 minutes all together, best case scenario. He said it was time to go, and probably to go sooner than later.

Your Aunt Jackie and Aunt Shirley were on my standby list for where to have Layla and Ella go when the time came. I tried calling Jackie 6 times, and she never answered. (LOL) To her defense, she is a little sick, like I am, so she was knocked out good. We also called Uncle Tim, but he didn't pick up either (Sound sleepers!) I called Aunt Shirley, and she said she would be over right away. She came over about 20 minutes later, and off we went.

When we got to the hospital, I was so nervous they were going to say I wasn't far enough along yet, and to go home and wait it out. I was getting increasingly more uncomfortable in the car, and I was keeping my fingers crossed that this was the real deal. Again, having never gone through it before, I was really uncertain of what "labor" would feel like. I've heard of so many people convinced they were in labor, and when they got to the hospital, were sent home with false labor, or just not being far enough/having steady contractions.

They took me up to the Labor and Delivery triage area to check me out. I was becoming more and more uncomfortable, so I was really keeping my fingers crossed that my exam would confirm my thoughts.

The midwife on shift came to check me. I was 5.5 cm and 90% effaced! They said I was in fact in labor, and they were going to admit me. By that point, it was about 4:45-5 am.

I was excited! Not really nervous, but It was cool thinking that I got to experience going into labor on my own! We got into the labor and delivery room, and they told me that I would need to get some fluids before receiving my epidural I planned to receive.

They started me on the IV of fluids, and by the time the anesthesiologist was called to come in (between having the proper amount of fluids and being available from other patients) I was in extreme pain. I was looking forward to the epidural so much to take the edge off, but I was also nervous to get it because sitting in the position to need to sit in to receive it, is extremely uncomfortable while pregnant, you have to be extremely still, and my pain level was at an all time high (and I have a pretty high pain tolerance!!)

I was having contractions about a minute apart at that point, and I was basically screaming/breathing to get through them. It was the longest 15 or so minutes of my life.

Then once they got it in, it took about another 10 minutes or so to kick in. They asked me to lie back, but my body was basically locked up and I told them I couldn't move. LOL. I said they needed to give me a second to breathe and try to reposition.

I laid down, and I could slowly feel my legs becoming heavy/numb, and my contraction pain was lessening. Praise baby Jesus!

Dr. Lacher peeked in a few times to see what was going on, and I'm pretty sure he thought I was giving birth without him. Nope! Just trying not to scare everyone in the hospital with my yelling.

He checked me as soon as they were finished giving me my epidural, and what do you know, it was time to push! LITERALLY. He said no wonder you were in so much pain. It was time for us to meet you beautiful girl!

As we were discussing the next steps and what would be going on, I felt a pop, and a gush of water. I had never had my water break on its own, so I wasn't exactly sure if that was what had happened or not. I asked Dr. Lacher if that was what it was. He looked at the covering on the bed, and confirmed; yep! Your water broke! It felt like a balloon popped inside of me; which is I guess essentially what is happening, haha!

He left to go get cleaned up, and ready for delivery, and Daddy and the nurse held my legs and had me push a few times to get you lower down. I pushed for 2 contractions and the nurse told me to hold off, and that you were ready to go and they could see your head already!

So in came Dr. Lacher, and with a couple pushes you were out in the world!

You were born at 7:28 am, and you weighed 9 lbs on the dot! You were 22 inches long. The moment your Daddy saw you, he said you looked just like Ella, who looked just like Layla when she was born, so I have a feeling we basically are going to have triplets on our hands looks wise as you girls grow up.

From start to finish, I was in labor for about 5 hours total. Your first day of life, you got to meet a lot of special people, including your big sisters who are incredibly obsessed and utterly in love with you.

I can't tell you how excited Layla and Ella were for you to be born. From the very moment they found out you were going to be a part of our family, they were smitten. They talked to you multiple times a day, sang to you, told you stories, and gave little belly tickles in hopes you could feel it.

We are all so in love with you, Mila, and you make our family so special. From the very moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were meant to be.

Happy Birthday, sweet Mila. You are something magical.